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What the U.S. Protests have Learned from Hong Kong And What They Are Still Missing

By Evan Stolpmann
June 9, 2020
The story of Hong Kong may turn out to be one of the most transformative Proletariat movements in modern history. The Hong Kong people are in a fight against tyranny from an invading force using information and shadow warfare,. In response thousands of High-school and college kids stepped onto the street equipped with hard hats, shields and umbrellas, to take on the fight for the city against the corrupt political institutions, that have been poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Battle for Democracy in Hong Kong

By Evan Stolpmann
June 9, 2020
As of May 25th, 2020 the Chinese Communist Party released a recent bill called the National Security Law which is as many Pro-Democratic Hong Kongers have stated, the end of the 1 country 2 systems ordinance, as HongKong will now be completely under the laws of Mainland China as protests have forced the iron fist of China to clamp down on dissenters.

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